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Read the next book selection. After you read the book, share the book with family, friends, and co-workers. Offer to read it aloud to people who are not able to read.

Don’t forget about public library Book Club Kits. Book Club Kits are available for most titles. Kits include 12 paperback books, and 1 reader’s guide with discussion questions, all provided in a handy tote bag for easy carrying.

Reserve A Book Club Kit Online, or call 315-435-1900.


Is your club planning to read CNY Reads choice? We’d love to hear from you about how your community is getting involved. Contact us at:



Attend CNY Reads Events. Dozens of CNY Reads events will be scheduled through the January – March season.


Join the CNY Reads One Book Consortium. Would your organization like to help plan events and be a part of the selection process for future CNY Reads One Book books?

Contact Wendy Davenport, Chair, CNY Reads One Book Consortium at:

Read the Book

Register Your Book Club

Attend Events

Join CNY Reads One Book

Get Involved

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