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"With the thoughts you'd be thinkin', you could be another Lincoln!"

Join our reading community in a conversation about CNY Reads Book of the 2024 season, The Violin Conspiracy by Brendan Slocumb

To make a comment, click in the dialogue box where it is says “Leave a message” and then begin entering your comment. It is required that you enter a name in the designated box below the comment. However, you can use just your first name, your initials, a nickname, or a made-up name. If you choose to enter your email address, it will not appear with your posted comment. Only CNY Reads will be able to see your email address and we will NOT share it. We may use it only if we need to edit the comment or if we want to inform you about upcoming programs that might interest you. Your personal information will remain private.


The star rating is for rating the book, five stars being the best. By clicking on the heart, you can "like" the comment. Thank you for joining our conversation!

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