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The Violin Conspiracy

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2024 new selection!


CNY Reads invites you to read our current selection, The Violin Conspiracy, by Brendan Slocumb. Then join us at a book discussion or one of our other free events.

"Growing up Black in rural North Carolina, Ray McMillian's life is already mapped out. But Ray has a gift and a dream - he's determined to become a world-class professional violinist, and nothing will stand in his way. When he discovers that his beat-up, family fiddle is actually a priceless Stradivarious, all his dreams suddenly seem within reach, and together, Ray and his violin take the world by storm. But on the eve of the renowned and cutthroat Tchaikovsky Competition the violin is stolen, and a ransom note for five million dollars left in its place. Without it, Ray feels like he's lost a piece of himself. As the competition approaches, Ray must not only reclaim his precious violin, but prove to himself and the world that no matter the outcome, there has always been a truly great musician within him."           ~Amazon

About the Author

Brendan Slocumb was raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and holds a degree in music education (with a concentration in violin and viola) from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. For more than twenty years he has been a public and private school music educator and has performed with orchestras  throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.       ~Google Books

The Violin Conspiracy is Brendan's first novel. His second novel, The Symphony of Secrets, was  published in 2023. He is now working on his third novel to be published in 2025.

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